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Why Choose RLCole Consulting & Coaching As Your Executive Coach and Consultant

Ask yourself the questions below to determine if RLCole Consulting & Coaching should be your Executive Coach and Consultant of choice:


Would it be helpful if you had someone to talk to about work and leadership issues and challenges that you knew would be willing to ask you the tough questions, would offer up different perspectives on how to approach problems,  that you knew you could trust and that would maintain confidentiality?


Are you an executive going through a significant transition in your career—a new role, a new executive team, broader and more challenging responsibilities, or a new organization—and believe that you could benefit from have a partner to support you and provide you with the knowledge and tools you need to succeed as you discover your path forward, acclimate to the change, and create a transition and development plan?


Do you sometimes need a sounding board for your ideas? 


Would you benefit by having someone help you identify areas for your own leadership and professional development, assist you in establishing a leadership development plan and goals, guide you towards greater clarity in your leadership purpose, assist you improving the performance of your top team, and hold you accountable for reaching your goals and improving your performance and effectiveness?


Would it be helpful if you could identify the thinking patterns, beliefs, motives, and emotions that influence your behavior—both what’s working and not working for you—and with that understanding help you change those ineffective behaviors that are impacting your performance and effectiveness?


Would gaining greater self-awareness and self-understanding about what makes you tick be helpful in bringing about the changes that you desire?


Do you sometimes need honest, straight-forward feedback that will generate acceptance and commitment to change?


If you answered some or all of these questions with a "Yes,"  then you should seriously consider RLCole Consulting for your executive coaching, team development, and organization effectiveness needs.



Click here to learn more about working with an Executive Coach or call us at 865.607.0484.

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