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Our ultimate goal in all of our Team Solutions is to improve your business results. Our Team Solutions are designed to align your Executive Team and to enhance your ability to work well together toward the accomplishment of common goals and objectives.  This starts with team learning and team learning starts with awareness; i.e., insight and understanding of the team's strengths, weaknesses, and challenges.


Ask yourself the following questions about your Executive Team: 


  • Would our team benefit by better understanding how it is currently working together?

  • Are there ways we could work together more effectively?

  • Are there areas our team could improve in interpersonally: for example, communication, decision making, problem solving, conflict management,  meeting management?


​If you answered "yes" to these questions, then your Executive Team would benefit from our Team Solutions.


Our three Executive Team services discussed below can be tailored to your specific needs.  


  • The Executive Team As Leader of Organizational Change

  • Coaching for Results-Oriented Executive Teams

  • Executive Team Development Program and Workshop



One of the most important roles of an Executive Team is to lead the organization through change, whether it be a change in its overall business strategy, a change in its structure, or a change in its culture.


The Executive Team as Leader of Organizational Change uses a “real” organization change initiative that you are planning as a way for the team to both design and implement the change, while at the same time learn more effective and efficient ways of guiding the organization through the change.


An RLCole consultant will work with your Executive Team on a change effort that you are planning or one that has already started and may not be achieving the results you desired. The role of the consultant will be that of consultant, coach, advisor, and teacher. The Executive Team will be introduced to a unique approach to understanding change and new ways to address the common sources of resistance to change.  As your team is planning and implementing the change initiative, you will be learning practical tools and techniques that can be applied to this and other change efforts—everything from small process changes to comprehensive culture transformations. 








RLCole Consulting & Coaching has developed a unique coaching process for Executive Teams that is designed to improve the business results of your team.  Because each Executive Team has its own unique issues, this process is custom designed rather than “off-the-shelf.” 


While executive coaching is typically targeted at individual leaders, this coaching process targets the entire team and works with the team over time.  This is different from what we typically think of as team building where the  team goes offsite for two to three days to work on its team dynamics. 


The Executive Coach is present during executive meetings and serves asan observer, coach, and provider of feedback on how the team performed during the meeting and what it could have done differently to be more effective, efficient, and productive.  This is not training.


The duration of the team coaching process is dependent on the frequency of the executive team meetings, but typically starts at six months. 


The ultimate goal of executive team coaching is to move your team to a higher level of effectiveness in the areas of meeting management, decision making and problem solving while at the same time building a strong foundation for the further development of trust and commitment on the part of each member.  Specific issues and opportunities will arise and can be worked in as part of the coaching process







Because effective teamwork skills are critical to becoming a high performance  organization, our Executive Team workshops offer practical, hands-on team learning to prepare team members to work more effectively on the Executive Team.


Our Executive Team Development Program is a more traditional team  development workshop that focuses on the cadre of tools to facilitate team learning and effectiveness.  Because executive teams need time and practice to become high performing, these two to three-day workshops,  typically held off-site, are highly interactive and coaching can be provided back at the workplace, if needed. 


A critical ingredient for the success of your Executive Team is having a clear purpose and framework of operations, so these workshops and accompanying consulting time will also focus on the alignment of your team to your strategic initiatives. 



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