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Key Requirements for a Successful Change Effort in Your Organization

Directions:  Rate on a scale from 5-1 (5= Strongly agree, 4=Agree, 3=Neither, 2=Disagree, 1=Strongly disagree) each of the following statements as it relates to a key organization change you are planning.


____  1.        We have solid business reasons for change.


____  2.        We have a shared vision of the future organization.


____  3.        We have created a clear roadmap for the change process.


____  4.        We have a comprehensive change strategy—we take a systems view.


____  5.        We have in place effective project planning/managing structure.


____  6.        We have established and communicated realistic expectations for the change.


____  7.        We have obtained political support for the change effort.


____  8.        We have in place policies and systems that support change.


____  9.        We have secured adequate resources for the change effort.


____10.         We have competent, committed people.


____11.          We have made a major investment in training and development related to the change effort.


____12.         We have established constructive relationships among key parties.


____13.         We are involving people at all levels in the change effort.


____14.         We are ensuring that information is made fully available to all.


____15.         We have skillful, out-in-front leadership for the change effort.


____             Total


Interpreting Your Score


65 – 75:  Your organization is well-prepared for a successful change effort

50 – 64:  Your organization is prepared for a successful change effort, but may need to devote some attention                

to the missing pieces

35 – 49:  Your organization needs to spend time ensuring that you have all of the necessary resources in place                that are required for a successful change effort

     < 35: Your organization will likely fail if you attempt to initiate a change initiative.  Delay the effort until                    

you have the resources and people in place to be successful

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