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Story and Meaning Behind the Spiral Logo

People who know me and have seen me in meetings know this about me: I'm a doodler!


I had never paid much attention to my doodles, but one day I noticed that one of my favorite and most frequently drawn doodles was a simple spiral. Later I did a little research ala Google and found some interesting facts about the spiral and its meaning as a symbol down through history.  


It appeared prolifically in ancient Celtic art.  In terms of spirituality, the spiral can represent the path leading from the inner world or soul (e.g., intuition, enlightenment, cosmic awareness) to the outer world of consciousness (e.g., materialism, external awareness, ego, outward perception).  


So, for me the spiral represents  the growth and transformation of the Human System.


The spiraling rings show how we individually and collectively evolve or grow over time.  Look at the spiral logo above and picture yourself beginning at the core or center and then growing and expanding outwardly.


And that is how I envision our work whether it be at an individual, team, or organizational level.  One must start with an awareness of self--that's at the center--and then it must expand to an awareness of all that is outside the self--the people with whom we live and work and relationships we develop and nurture with them; and finally it expands to an awareness of, and connection to, the world around us.


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