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Our Core Values


The following values drive how we treat our clients and each other:


  • Integrity:  Demonstrate honest and ethical behavior and inspire trust in all of our relationships including our clients and our partners 


  • Collaboration:  Build collaborative relationships with our clients that lead to greater ownership of solutions


  • Growth and Learning:  Promote opportunities for positive change at all levels:  individual, team, and organization 


  • Exceptional Client Service:  Provide each client with our very best




Grounding in Psychology


As psychologists and social scientists our work is focused on the human system and all of the subsystems that fall under it--leadership, communication, relationships, personality and intrapersonal dynamics, perceptions, interpersonal dynamics and processes, and so on.   


Research has shown over and over again that the greatest productivity gains and performance improvements will result from making changes in the human system.  This is our "sweet spot."




Three things guide our consulting and relationship management approach: our Mission, our Core Values, and our grounding in psychology.


Our Mission 


Our Mission, to help individual leaders, teams, and entire organizations--the human system--identify and resolve their most pressing challenges, drives how we approach our work.  That means:You, the client, define what success is for your organization.  We will work with you to quantify it so that during and after the engagement, we can measure progress and success.We will work with you to complete a thorough analysis of what is currently going on in your organization--what's working and what's not working within the human system of your organization and then:  


(1)  Define exactly what it is you want to change or improve

(2)  Collaboratively design a solution(s)

(3)  Provide guidance in executing those solutions

(4)  Monitor progress and measure results


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