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We do not come in with a solution already in hand.  We will work with you to determine what the best, most effective solution will be. The solutions presented below are broad in scope; however, when tailored to the specific circumstances in your organization they become more focused on addresssing the unique challenges facing you.


Below are examples of three solutions we offer at the organizational level that can be customized to meet your specific organizational needs.  More detailed information is available by calling us at 980.643.0060.







Much of the “pain” organizations experience today is around less than optimal performance and subsequently less than optimal results. Research has shown that the organizations that will be the most successsful in the future are those that will be best at increasing people's motivation, commitment, and ability to learn.


We can provide the skills and process for your organization to create a continuous learning culture that is adaptive to the ever increasing demands of change that you face.


RLCole Consulting will help you achieve the OUTCOMES & RESULTS you desire by equipping your organization and its leaders with the knowledge, tools, and processes required to design and implement solutions for Human System transformation.








If you are like most organizations, no matter what size, you are having to compete for talent more today than ever before.  Employees are demanding more than a paycheck; what they are expecting and demanding are those intrinsic satisfiers that make up organizational health.


We can help guide your organization  through a process that will examine the multitude of components that make up your organization's health—its ability to function effectively, to grow and to develop. 







Organizations are in a constant state of change whether it be how they are organized, their mission, their ways of doing business, their overall strategy, or their culture.   Many organizational leaders do not know how to effectively lead and manage the change.                 


We will work with your senior leadership to plan, implement and evaluate change initiatives that are needed to reach your vision and goals.  This we call “planned change”.  We will guide your organization’s leadership through a series of change process steps including: 


  • Defining the need for change


  • Defining your desired future state--the "will be"


  • Assessing your present state--the "as is"


  • Planning and implementing the transition--how you will close the gaps between the "as is" and the "will be."










"Change is good!"

Highly Adaptive Learning Organization™ (HALO) Assessment 


After taking our brief assessment to see if you have the foundational building blocks for a Highly Adaptive Learning Organization™ (HALO) Culture, your results will be emailed to you.  After receiving your results, you will also have the option of scheduling a free 30-minute phone consultation with us to review your results.

Click here to take the HALO assessment

"A few years ago I was asked by the two owners of a family-owned business to assist them in developing a five-year strategic plan.  The two brothers were in agreement that what was holding the company back and keeping it from being more profitable was the lack of a clear vision and a plan to reach that vision. What became painfully clear after working for less than a month with these brothers and their management team, which also had family members on it, was that lack of a strategic plan was not the thing that was holding them back. These two brothers didn't trust one another and were constantly throwing each under the bus. This was impacting not only the management team's effectiveness, but trickled down into the entire organization.  To put it mildly, this was a dysfunctional leadership team.  We put the strategic planning on hold and began addressing the "human system" issues and problems.


The point of the story is simple.  What may seem to be the problem to solve initially may not be the "real problem" at all.  What is it that's going on "under the table?" This is what we do...drill down to uncover the real impediments to success and work on them--the root causes, not the symptoms."

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