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Our Leadership Solutions are focused on you, the individual leader, and provide you with the opportunity to gain greater self-awareness and self-understanding about your strengths and development needs.  More detailed information is available by calling us at 865.607.0484.


Executive coaching has been identified as one of the most effective ways to develop leaders and heighten their effectiveness. 


Objectives of our Coaching and Assessment Programs


  • To work with you one-on-one to improve your overall leadership skills and effectiveness, interpersonal competencies (communication, relationship development), and organizational capabilities (dealing with change, increasing  productivity)

  • To enhance your personal growth through greater self-awareness and self-understanding of your leadership and its impact on others in light of your intentions

  • To explore your leadership principles, assumptions and values

  • To identify and help you achieve your leadership development goals, to improve your performance and effectiveness as a leader, and ultimately to make changes in your leadership that lead to achieving better results.



Our value comes from our ability to guide you to the best solutions for you. your team, and your organization

Value and Benefit to You, the Client


Through participation in our programs:


  • You receive straight, honest and comprehensive positive and constructive feedback about your leadership strengths and development needs

  • You will have a sounding board for your thinking and ideas

  • Your needs for connection, honesty, encouragement, empathy, and support can be met

  • Self-awareness of your behavior, your emotions, beliefs, attitudes, values, thought patterns, and blindspots will be enhanced resulting in the motivation for you to make desired changes

  • Reflection will lead to deeper insights and identification of habits that are not working for you and replacing them with new habits

  • You will have an opportunity to explore new ways of thinking about problems and challenges

  • You will experience observable positive change in your leadership behavior and its impact on those you lead

  • You will receive an accurate assessment and impartial perspective that will allow you to become more self-aware, more honest with yourself, and ultimately more open to changing those behaviors that are not working for you

  • You will get the support and guidance needed to improve your leadership skills - communication, delegation, conflict management, team building, persuasion, etc.


Our Executive Coaching Services



​​Our Coaching Services and Process


Our coaching process borrows from a number of different models and processes.


  • It is flexible enabling you to address your issues and challenges using different tools  

  • It includes a comprehensive battery of assessments followed by a two–hour feedback session focused on uncovering your leadership strengths and weaknesses 

  • Depending on your needs and challenges, it utilizes a variety of proven methodologies including:

    1. 1. Behaviorism--reinforcing new behaviors

    2. 2. Positive psychology--focusing on strengths

    3. 3. Cognitive-behavioral--identifying self-limiting beliefs

    4. 4. Emotional intelligence--enhancing self-awareness, self-management

    5. 5. Neuroscience--establishing new habits

    6. 6. Mindfulness--focusing on living in the present 


Our Assessment Services and Process


A typical assessment battery is completed online after the first coaching session and includes some or all of the following:


  • 360° assessment – based on a set of leadership competencies, this assessment involves a participant’s manager, peers, direct reports, and self.  Typically 8 – 12 colleagues respond


  • Personality assessment – various personality tests are administered selected from the Hogan Personality Inventory, the Hogan Development Survey, DISC Profile, NEO-PI-R, FIRO-B, and Myers-Briggs Personality Inventory


  • Motivational/Values instruments  -- Hogan Motives, Values, and Preferences Inventory


  • Cognitive ability assessment – including Watson-Glaser Critical Thinking Appraisal and Raven’s Progressive Matrices


  • Optional informational interviews with participant (self-perceptions) and others (may include manager,peers, direct reports)




Our Guarantee


If you are contemplating working with a coach, it is essential, of course, to select a coach who is competent and experienced.  But more importantly, you should select a coach with whom you share good chemistry.


There are literally 1000’s of coaches out there to choose from—many are very competent and skilled, and many are not!  While we would put our competency and skills in the former category, what makes our services truly unique is not in our skills level, but in our ability to establish rapport, confidence, and mutual trust with our clients. Our reputation is based on integrity—without it, there cannot be any success in working with a coach. 


We make a commitment to all of our clients that we will tell the truth!  With that said, we may not be every one’s cup of tea and we will determine that during an initial Discovery/Strategy interview.  If we don’t click, no hard feelings.  We will gladly recommend someone else who might be a better match.

We guarantee that you will attain real results through participation in our Executive Coaching process.  If after active and dedicated participation for six months during which time you apply our tools and processes, you do not see improvement and significant progress towards the goals set forth, we will work with you free of charge to make it work.











Executive and Leadership roles can be isolating—it’s lonely at the top!  .

Typical Assessment & Coaching Engagement


Follows this format, but is adjusted as needed to meet your specific situation


1. Initial Discovery/Strategy Interview


  • Discuss the process, set goals and measures of success, time frame, and, most importantly, assess rapport and chemistry


2. Assessment, feedback, and development planning 


Your coach will:


  • Conduct a 360 degree assessment. In lieu of, or in addition to. the 360, informational interviews with you, your boss, peers, direct reports, and, in some cases, customers may be conducted. 

  • Administer assessments include personality tests and cognitive ability tests, analyze results, and write an assessment results report

  • Conduct a one-on-one feedback session with you – usually a 2-hour session to review data from interviews and assessment instruments, and to identify strengths and areas for development

  • Collaborate on writing a Leadership Development Plan – Create a plan for development that incorporates findings from the interviews and assessments


3. Coaching sessions


  • Typically one-hour sessions by phone, once every two weeks for 6 months.

  • Frequency and number of coaching sessions can vary depending on your specific needs, urgency, and your calendar.


4. Closure, evaluation



The first step is to assess your current level of coachability on 7 dimensions.  To take and score our Executive Coachability Index, click on the LapTop icon below.

The second step is to schedule a 30-minute Discovery/Strategy session to determine your coaching objectives and to learn about our coaching process.  This is an informal, no-pressure, no-cost phone call with no obligation on your part.  Thank you for your interest.

Yes, I am interested in learning more about your Executive Coaching services including your coaching packages and pricing.  Please contact me.

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