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If you are like most organizations, no matter what size, you are having to compete for talent more today than ever before.  Employees are demanding more than a paycheck; what they are expecting and demanding are those intrinsic satisfiers that make up organizational health.


We can help guide your organization  through a process that will examine the multitude of components that make up your organization's health—its ability to function effectively, to grow and to develop. 


Components of organizational health include the culture of the organization, communication, participation and involvement, loyalty and commitment, morale, ethics, goal alignment, leadership, etc. 


An assessment of these organizational health components in your organization will identify the symptoms of declining organizational health (e.g., declining profits, decreased productivity, increased absenteeism, etc.), sources of employee work and life satisfaction and dissatisfaction, employees’ needs, and conditions in the workplace that are either enhancing or detracting from organizational effectiveness. 


We can then help you to develop systems, processes, and programs for addressing these issues.

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