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s easy.

In working with you, we are able to meet some of your emotional needs for connection, honesty, and support. Coaching can provide you with a sounding board for your thinking.


Our approach to executive coaching borrows from a number of different models and processes.  This gives us the flexibility to address your issues and challenges using different tools.  Depending up your needs and challenges, we borrow from the fields of behaviorism (e.g., reinforcing new behaviors), positive psychology (e.g., focusing on strengths), cognitive-behavioral (e.g., identifying self-limiting beliefs), emotional intelligence (e.g., enhancing self-awareness, self-management, and empathy), neuroscience (e.g., establishing new habits), and mindfulness (e.g., focusing on living in the present). 


Finally we guarantee that you will attain real results through participation in our Executive Coaching process.  If after active and dedicated participation for six months during which time you apply our tools and processes, you do not see improvement and significant progress towards the goals set forth, we will work with you free of charge to make it work..

Executive roles can be isolating—it’s lonely at the top!  .

Our value comes from our ability to guide you to the best answers for you. your team, and your organization

Executive coaching has been identified as one of the most effective ways to develop leaders and heighten their effectiveness. The objective of our executive coaching solutions is to work with executives on their self-management, interpersonal effectiveness, and leadership and to help them get unstuck from their dilemmas.  Our executive coaching process helps leaders achieve their development goals, and ultimately improve their performance and effectiveness.


A couple of reminders about what coaching is not. First, it is not consulting and it is not psychotherapy, though it borrows from each.  Second, coaching is not telling you what you should do; rather it is giving you a chance to examine what you are doing in light of your intentions.


Our value to you the client will come from our ability to guide you to the best answers for you.  That will come through asking the right questions and providing straight and honest feedback. 


Our coaching process is heavily weighted toward fostering self-awareness, which ultimately will result in the motivation for you to change.  Our coaches encourage reflection on your part, to release hidden strengths, and to overcome obstacles to further development. This can, in part, be done by exploring your leadership principles, assumptions and values.




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