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Because effective teamwork skills are critical to becoming a high performance  organization, our Executive Team workshops offer practical, hands-on team learning to prepare team members to work more effectively on the Executive Team.


Our Executive Team Development Program is a more traditional team development workshop that focuses on the cadre of tools to facilitate team learning and effectiveness.  Because executive teams need time and practice to become high performing, these two to three-day workshops,  typically held off-site, are highly interactive and coaching can be provided back at the workplace, if needed. 


A critical ingredient for the success of your Executive Team is having a clear purpose and framework of operations, so these workshops and accompanying consulting time will also focus on the alignment of your team to your strategic initiatives. 


Topics Typically Covered


  • Understand the characteristics of a high performance team

  • How  to build a high performance team by recognizing a capitalizing on the complementary strengths of team members

  • Review assessment and survey results and identify key issues,  weaknesses and challenges facing the Executive Team

  • Understand personality similarities and differences and how they impact communication, decision making, probsolving, and  conflict management

  • Reach agreement on where you are today as a team – your strengths,  weaknesses, and challenges and where you want to be

  • Begin making plans about the path forward based on the assessments survey results, and recommend solutions from the break-out groups

  • Develop action plans for building on strengths and overcoming weaknesses


Outcomes Your Team Can Expect


Our workshops will move your Executive Team to a higher level of effectiveness in the areas of meeting management, decision making and problem solving while at the same time building a strong foundation for the further development of trust and commitment on the part of each team member. 


Specific issues and opportunities can be "worked" as part of the practice and skill learning phase of training. This can help ensure the transfer of tools and techniques used in the training to your "back home" business.


Our Executive Team Development Program and workshops typically include:


  • Assessing your Executive Team—its development and effectiveness.  


  • Designing a process for addressing the issues that are getting in the way of your success as a team. ​


  • Facilitating the workshop


  • Follow-up

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