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  • Managing the speed and complexity of the organizational change


  • When to apply different organization change strategies and their impact on productivity, commitment, and resistance to the change


  • Understanding and overcoming resistance to change


  • Understanding and managing the behavioral and emotional reactions to change


  • How other systems will be impacted by the organizational change


  • Learning how apply the Organization Change Engagement Strategy™ to ensure alignment, trust, engagement, and empowerment


Applying the Organization Change Engagement Strategy™ will ensure that the following are integrated into your change process:


  • Alignment and trust is created within your team


  • A change vision and strategy is developed and communicated


  • Engagement, Involvement, Empowerment:  Barriers to engagement and empowerment (negative emotions, covert dimensions of change, resistance to change, responses to threats brought about by change) are identified and addressed


  • A comprehensive change strategy is developed and executed


  • The changes that are made become institutionalized in your organization

One of the most important roles of an Executive Team is to lead the organization through change, whether it be a change in its overall

business strategy, a change in its structure, or a change in its culture.


The Executive Team as Leader of Organizational Change uses a “real” organization change initiative that you are planning as a way for the team to both design and implement the change, while at the same time learn more effective and efficient ways of guiding the organization through the change.


An RLCole consultant will work with your Executive Team on a change effort that you are planning or one that has already started and may not be achieving the results you desired. The role of the consultant will be that of consultant, coach, advisor, and teacher. The Executive Team will be introduced to a unique approach to understanding change and new ways to address the common sources of resistance to change.  As your team is planning and implementing the change initiative, you will be learning practical tools and techniques that can be applied to this and other change efforts—everything from small process changes to comprehensive culture transformations. 


While your Executive Team is planning and implementing the organizational change, you will gain new insights into organizational change and learn new tools and techniques related to:

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